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The country's largest construction waste disposal system into trial operational stage

      Recently, the country's largest enterprises of construction waste resources, Xi'an renewable building materials demonstration enterprise building construction waste disposal systems to successfully enter the commissioning phase.

      This set is currently the country's largest fixed construction waste disposal systems nationwide open tender, the successful tenderer to conduct site surveys, both sides several rounds of constructive communication procedures strictly by Liming Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. win and designcompleted. The company is China's well-known mining equipment maker, is also the pioneer and pioneers of the construction waste disposal systems, a leading domestic position in the field.

      It is understood that, out of consideration for the scale of production, the set of construction waste disposal system designed for indoor fixed processing structure not more popular in the current market structure of mobile crushing station. Liming Heavy Industry Science & Technology design engineers, the larger the set of processing systems, there is no site and construction of environmental constraints, and therefore not recommended to use the structure of the current market, the more popular mobile crushing plant, instead of using the indoor fixed processing structure , which is more conducive to the stable operation and efficient output.

      Preliminary estimates by the local environmental protection department, the processing system put into operation the year after construction waste up to 1.5 million tons, equivalent to 10% of Xi'an, with an annual output of total construction waste, waste disposal and utilization of Xi'an construction.

      Construction waste is the "culprit" endanger China's urban environment, with the rapid development of urbanization, increasing construction waste. Placed in a large number of outdoor construction waste, not only takes up valuable geographical space, and its proliferation of fine dust particles, but also seriously pollute the atmospheric environment and endanger our physical and mental health; long-term accumulation of construction waste containing hazardous substances, will be gradually immersed soil into the ground waters and pollution of water environment, while reducing soil production capacity. Everywhere in the construction waste has become a "cancer" of threats to urban safety.

      Troubled for construction waste, the world, many countries have begun to take a variety of measures to optimize. Developed countries, the main current take waste Tametoshi, to promote the industrial management of construction waste resources. The data show that Germany has produced in the world's largest building garbage disposal plants, and has a more than 200 construction waste to absorb, the annual turnover of up to 2 billion euros; the United States each year 100 million tons of waste concrete for processing into aggregate construction, effectively reducing the cost of production; combination of traditional management tools and a variety of economic means, Denmark, based on the utilization of construction waste up to 90%; Austria to receive an alarming number of processing fee in addition to construction waste, but also configuration for almost all the generated construction waste construction waste mobile treatment equipment; and adjacent to South Korea and Japan, through the development of relevant laws, rules and regulations to effectively curb the frenzied growth of the construction waste and construction waste resources .

      Summarize the experience of developed countries, we can see that you must adhere to the scientific management, effective use of business philosophy, the "ills" of construction waste to completely cure. Up to now, China's urban construction waste management regulations have been implemented in nearly seven years, the development of supporting industries in the ascendant. Liming Heavy Industry Science and Technology as a professional manufacturer of construction waste disposal equipment, is to gradually integrate into the industrial chain, and is committed to promoting the development of related industries.

      The resource re-use project manager concluded by saying that this select Liming Heavy Industry Science and Technology as a project partner, eyes on the company's extensive experience and excellent strength in construction waste resources, they elaborate program to 90% of construction waste is converted into the deep processing of new materials, the program of scientific, practical, stable and efficient.

      Completion of China's largest construction waste disposal systems, waste disposal indicates that China construction equipment applications reach new heights, and also provides a new idea for our construction waste disposal!