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Tourmaline Raymond mill

      Tourmaline is tourmaline ore after removal of impurities, after mechanical grinding to get the powder after processing and purification of tourmaline powder with negative ions and far infrared emissivity. Tourmaline, also known as tourmaline.The general term of the family ring structure silicate mineral tourmaline chemical formula NaR3Al6Si6O18BO33 (OH, F) 4 crystal belongs to trigonal system. Where R represents a metal cation, when R is the Fe2 + form of black crystals of tourmaline. Tourmaline crystal was a nearly triangular cylindrical, both ends of the crystal column mask vertical stripes, often has columnar, needle, radial, and massive aggregates. Glass, gloss, the fracture turpentine luster, translucent to transparent. No cleavage. Mohs hardness of 7-7.5, the proportion of 2.98-3.20. Piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties.


Tourmaline classification

Classification by using
      The Tourmaline according to different purposes, according to the granularity of different main Tourmaline, ultrafine Tourmaline, Nano Tourmaline. Applies to industries involved: environmental protection, cigarettes, paint, textile, cosmetics, water purification, air purification, anti-electromagnetic radiation, health care products.

Classification by application
      The following application industry, as follows:

      Tourmaline can absorb the odor of paint, colloidal and other products. For the construction and decoration painting walls, adsorption of the odor of paint, gel, paint. Adding a small amount of fine Tourmaline in the paint brush on the interior walls and ceilings, not only can quickly suck in addition to smell, but also long-term absorption in addition to smoke.

      Tourmaline for the textile industry, to do environmental carbon cloth, The ultrafine Tourmaline made microfiber, made of antimagnetic, moisture, thermal blankets, pad, anti-electromagnetic radiation shirt, vest, insoles, but alsocan be used for rock bath, Khan, steam room, light room, sauna facilities and environmentally friendly home renovations.

      For water purification, electrical powder made from a variety of colors, shapes, tourmaline ceramic for the purification of mineralized container, both beautiful, but also health care, you can remove the chlorine of the water, thus changing the acidity of the water, but also can filtera variety of harmful elements of the water, the release of a variety of trace elements beneficial to human body.

      For health care products, cosmetics, gemstone tourmaline, white in color, by adding cosmetics or skin cream, contains trace amounts of beneficial to humans, B, F, SRLI elements due to tourmaline, cosmetic raw materialstourmaline after processing, the nutritional content of the molecule binds to reduced nutrition through the gap between the skin cells, and can even reach the dermis to generate skin cells. Freckle wrinkle to restore skin elasticity and other effects. Can be made lotion, face cream, night cream, shower gel, make-up water, mask, powder and so on make-up and skin care products, consumer pox, freckle whitening effect, used in shampoos to dandruff effect is quite good, electrical stone ultra-fine powder after the heat differential to generate far-infrared, which can stimulate the activation of human facial skin, to disinfect, remove stains, treatment of pimples, cure ulcerative dermatitis skin disease. Tourmaline can also be placed in the bath, can activate the effect of water quality of bathing on the human body.

Variety of raw materials and specifications classification

      Tourmaline is the main raw material is divided into two kinds of fiber tourmaline crystal tourmaline, especially in Xinjiang single crystal tourmaline of Guilin needle-like fibers tourmaline and Xinjiang poly crystal tourmaline high-quality, high yield.

      Tourmaline Specifications: 100 mesh, 325 mesh, 800 mesh, 1250 mesh, 3000 mesh, 6000 mesh, the most fine of up to 20,000 head process (Tourmaline: Tourmaline ore quarried from the mines onis not very pure, subject to artificial selection, the crystal structure of a complete selection, unified on the water rinse, this process can remove a lot of impurities in the ore is more pure, the selection of good ore dry, with airflowmill for processing. airflow grinding powder has several characteristics, the particle size is relatively small, evenly distributed, avoiding uneven processing out of the powder a small rough.

      Produced by our company Tourmaline Raymond mill, Tourmaline T130X ultrafine mill processing Tourmaline can be a good, welcome to contact to discuss the needs of friends and my company!

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