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Yes, It is Stone Paper

      Stone paper? Never heard of it? While, it is never legendary, there is no difference when we write on it. Undoubtly, more resilient texture and it is not so easy to be burned since it is made of stone.

      Stone Paper is an innovative product which is also called synthetic paper. Stone paper is made by about 80% Calcium Carbonate and 15% degradable plastic plus 5% resin.

      Compared with traditional paper, Stone paper is environment friendly. It can degrade after three-month explosion to sunlight or be buried in the earth for one year, then become stone powder, which will make stone paper into a pop star in such a energy saving and low-carbon society. And also, during the process of stone paper making, no acid and alkali, no need of blenching and no sewage gas. The wasted paper can be recycled or natural degradation, which is a good solution for the white pollution caused by using of plastic packaging materials.

      Besides, the raw material of the stone paper calcium carbonate is the most abundant mineral in the crust, supplemented by about 20% polymer materials and a variety of inorganic. Energy consumption of the stone paper is 2/3 of traditional paper-making craft. It has been proved that stone paper is cheaper than traditional paper, which wins a competitive market.

      Stone paper has a large range of application, which can replace garbage bags, shopping bags etc and also can be used for printing paper, writing paper.

      Stone paper is waterproof and oil proof, which make it play important role in some special area, for example, underwater operation.

stone paper

      In addition to the mineral raw materials, we also try to use coal gangue powder, industrial waste (slag for example), fly ash and other raw material. And dealing with raw materials, crushers and grinding mills are necessity. First, jaw crusher, impact crusher or cone crusher break the raw material into 2-3 mm, and then into powder about 350 meshes through the Raymond mill, vertical mill, trapezium mill etc.

      Henan liming heavy industry is the professional and advanced crushers and mills maker, pushing the paper industry soar rapidly!