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Plus calcium sulfate process for filling in paper

Calcium sulfate as a white high, low hardness, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and strong affinity with the polymer, non-toxic characteristics, plus fill in for the paper can bring significant strength advantage, however, calcium sulfate in aqueous solution or in moist air the hydration reaction will occur, leading to changes in crystal structure and performance, thus losing its original properties. If used directly for paper filler, its retention rate is very low, and dissolved in water calcium sulfate serious impact on the recycling of white water system, resulting in the production run issues.

Calcium sulfate is an ideal filler paper, will help to improve the optical properties and strength properties of paper. Calcium sulfate by appropriate modification of the surface, can significantly improve the retention rate in the wet, but also reflects the strength compared to calcium carbonate plus fill benefits.

Paper on the future market position of calcium sulfate, after filling the main focus on its added features, plus fill in for the paper in addition to providing excellent strength properties, we should also consider whether the same to the paper surface of the optical properties and performance have a positive impact, while the industrial by-products can be used to plaster processed into calcium sulfate to fill the paper plus the cost factor to consider is the need to focus on one aspect.

Liming Heavy Industry's industrial mill market-proven products, the user enjoys a high reputation, and its mill products include: Raymond mill, high pressure hanging roller mill, high pressure micro powder mill, three ring medium speed micro powder mill, Super pressure trapezium mill, vertical mill, European coarse grinding, etc. the scope of products covering almost all areas of current industrial milling, especially in the limestone, calcite, marble, calcium sulfate materials processing field. Calcium sulfate, after processing through the mill, the material chosen at random at 325-3250 between the head, through a special process to deal with, plus calcium sulfate is used to fill the paper reflects the obvious strength advantage, no doubt for the realization of this goal offers the possibility, calcium sulfate specific characteristics of the existing fibrous filler paper (such as calcium carbonate) can not be compared.