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calcite papermaking technology cannot leave grinder mill
When it comes to paper, people will think of paper bark, wood manufactured from Cai Lun invented papermaking is the case. But now, the stones can paper!
This paper stone called calcite, is a very widely distributed minerals. Calcite has been able to paper, can not leave the help of grinder mill, grinding flour milling first calcite, then the paper-making process, and final production of high-quality paper.
Currently, using the calcite paper in China has been part of the region began. Grinder mill grind calcite into a powder of different fineness, can be used for the production of paper, tires and rubber, has formed a complete industrial chain, led to the employment of the labor force.
Calcite papermaking technology cannot leave grinder mill, you need to first calcite powder mill ground to a near-micron diamond fiber, and then combined with resin fibers, cements, and then made of professional equipment paper.
Compared to traditional paper technology, the calcite paper has a greater advantage in the process does not require adding a drop of water, conservation of water resources. No exhaust gas generated at the same time, raw materials do not need to consume natural vegetation, power consumption is about 35% lower than conventional papermaking, is an energy-saving, environmental protection, high-tech, high-efficiency new production technology.